14 gen 2013

Equotube, a responsibile way of travel

"Equotube" offers travel ideas, activities and culinary experiences to give alternatives to rediscover territories and cultures: "Experiences that become exchange between hosts and travelers." It is the first fully united and responsible of this kind.

A sustainable form of travel, where supply and demand meet in a project that tries to protect both. The idea is of the social cooperative "Sogno differente" that launched "Equotube", an alternative way to make and promote tourism in a responsible manner. A sort of Smart box, as the proposal is actually enclosed in a tube. He wants to be a gift idea innovative, useful, and fun experience to live or to give where is the approach to make a difference. The structures are selected on the basis of strict criteria (environmental sustainability, consumption and production techniques) favoring reality of a community and those who are inspired by the philosophy of "Km 0".

"Partners and facilities belonging respond to a specific card values of responsible tourism - explain the designers -. We are working on the ground so that the description is always in line with what was declared to ensure the satisfaction of customers critical and therefore very demanding. "The aim is to please the palates of travelers by putting them in contact with local realities to create a project based on the exchange: "We want to promote local culture and the rediscovery of the riches of the area for tourism that is a true sharing between host and travelers. "Because in the end what matters is not where to go and when to leave, but how to do it.

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