13 gen 2013

The second life of forniture, by Marc Sparfel

Over the past 15 years, Barcelona’s residents have come to expect MarcSparfel’s weekly visits to their rubbish heaps. In the begining he would search the streets during “furniture days” for material, but soon, neighbors began to leave the furniture in front of his studio.
The wood of the desks, armchairs, and hat stands fascinated him – soon, he found himself methodically taking apart each piece, bit by bit. The artist will first designs his piece, and then begin construction. Masterfully crafted, his collection of animal form and mask are a beautiful and inventive way to recycle.

"...this is my forest, my world where I walk with pleasure, and I hand pick the best pieces. Once in my workshop, my sanctuary, my laboratory, I start the process of transformation, sometimes slow and painful but always intuitive, searching for a certain elegance and poetry made from wood."

Marc Sparfel is from Bretagne, from a village on the coast of Finistère Nord. He moved to Barcelona in 1999, for him it means a place in the world where he feel good: for the quality of light, the sea, the possibility to live with little money; it’s very cosmopolitan... but to much touristic. What inspires him is absolutely everything, in a conscious or unconscious manner.

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