23 gen 2013

Tunnel of Love: the interaction between man and nature in Kevlan, Ukraine

A tunnel where nature and man-made infrastructure and blend together to create a unique spectacle. Many call it the "Tunnel of Love" - Тоннель любви in Ukrainian - and is located on the outskirts of a small town called Klevan, Ukraine, not far from the Ukrainian regional center Rivne.

The tunnel, which is one of the main natural attractions of Ukraine, is born from the interaction between man and nature as the landscape has been shaped by the applicant passage of a train, with cargo for use in a steel factory, through the forest. During the warm months of the year thanks to pruning and the regular passage of trains through the track, Mother Nature makes peace with man by growing trees branches over the track to form a tunnel of vegetation and greenery which the locals call the "Tunnel of Love".

The tunnel along one kilometer long section of the railway, is very popular among lovers who like to make a wish and kiss there. The natives believe that when two people who really love cross the tunnel, holding hands, both dreams become reality. Fantastic, no?

Photo credit Gleb Garanich / Reuters

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