15 gen 2013

Tricycle House and Tricyle Garden: innovative transportation

Designed by People’s Architecture Office (PAO) + People’s IndustrialDesign Office (PIDO), the Tricycle House and Tricyle Garden was designed to address borderline situation of property laws in China, most of the city people have to accept that they will never be able to own even a small piece of land. Urban society is forced to find unconventional ways if they want to have some more private space. "The inability to own land is a fundamental condition in China unique from many western countries. The Tricycle House suggests a future where the temporary relationship and the public nature between people the the land they occupy is embraced."

They create a world where you can sleep, bathe, and eat food from your garden, all from the comforts of your own … tricycle. With this innovative concept, the architects surmise that, "Single homes can be affordable and sustainable, parking lots are not wasted at night, and traffic jams are acceptable."

The Tricycle House is relies on human power only, allowing people to live off the grid, with amenities that include a sink, stove, bathtub, water tank, and furniture. Made from a new, experimental form of folding plastic, the house can either open up to the outside, expand out like an accordion to increase space, or connect to other houses. The polypropylene material it’s resilient, easy to shape and fold without losing its strength and is translucent so the interior is always well lit whether by the sun during the day or street lamps at night.

The Tricycle Garden can be attached to the house or it can be combined with other gardens to form a large public green space. The front of the garden doubles as tricycle seating in order to maximize grown space, that can be planted with not only grass but plants and vegetables.
You'd just need a good spot to park it!

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photo credits: People’s Architecture Office (PAO) + People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO)

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