16 gen 2013

Birdhouse Rooftiles, place for city birds

In urban areas nowadays birds are not welcome under roof tiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful place to make nests, and the bird population is shrinking rapidly, what are we doing with this?
The productdesigner Klaas Kuiken was struck with an idea. With his design for a special bird house he hopes to contribute to the solution of this problem.
By applying an archetype house on a rooftile he creates a striking new nesting place for city birds, which is not only a warm welcome for the birds but also more visible to us humans.

In consultation with the Vogelbescherming (Dutch bird association) the design is refined, so the Birdhouse Rooftile not just a pretty picture but also a responsible nesting place.
The birds find their new place under the tile in a specially designed basket. This allows the bird to use its original place under the tiles. Here the ventilation is good so the nest does not get too hot, and the bird is out of range of greedy cats.
The house contains a removable basket to aid in maintenance after mating season and is made with materials that can resist extreme cold in the winter.

First designed in 2009 the birdhouses have finally gone into production and 100 are now available for sale, they are produced at dijkstrakeliwaren in sneek, the Netherlands,

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photo credits: Klaas Kuiken

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