18 gen 2013

Bangs Shoes: a new model of corporate philanthropy

BangsShoes is a company that aims to demonstrate a new model of corporate philanthropy that sparks a new socially responsible edge for the future of retail. The Bangs method is to integrate fundraising for non-profit organizations into a for-profit business model.
The Bangs mission is to “Stand on issues to help others stand on their own”. Every aspect of Bangs, from the name (Bang-zhu in Mandarin means “to help”), to the revenue model, to even the design of the shoes emanates this mentality.

Hannah Davis, Founder and President of Bangs Shoes says: "We are in an era where combining philanthropy and business is not only accepted, but demanded by a socially conscious generation of consumers. I believe, along with many others today, that individuals are capable of affecting widespread positive change. With Bangs, wherever you stand you stand on issues. The Bangs mission is to raise awareness and funding for some of our world's most complex issues."

They have partnered with non-profit organizations that focus on self-reliability and empowerment through the empowerment of local communities. Each of the partners works to provide people with the tools they need to develop themselves, fueling long term positive change, turning away from handout methodology.
Each pair of Bangs has an icon stitched on the outside heel to help remind you which cause and nonprofit your Bangs support. 20% of net profits made from each pair of Bangs are invested in its nonprofit partner.

To find our more information about BANGS’s nonprofit partners, you can click on the links below!

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