4 gen 2013

Weeds Blossom: a collection from the margins of paved roads

Weeds Blossom is a design collection inspired by wild city flowers: the small presences that share our living spaces, the so called “weeds".
Collected from the margins of paved roads they have been transported on fabric through a photo-chalcographic process. The details of the flowers, leaves and stems are translated into a fine imprint characterized by unique and unusual details.
Weeds and Blossom is "the negative of the aesthetics of conventional nature": plants that usually considered insignificant (tapinabur, echium volgare or dacus carota etc) become in their elegance, a strong and legendary presence.
Weeds and Blossom is an invitation to open our eyes beyond the conventions that flatten reality.
Weeds Blossom uses 100% natural materials and water based inks, each item is individually hand made.

Weeds Blossom is a project realized by the visual artist Serena Porrati, born in Italy and currently based in London. In her works the protagonists and the recurring theme elements are hidden, silent, overwhelmed by the symbolic orders of civilization. The overall aim of her research is to expand or destroy the idea of nature, highlighting the animal in the human and creating multiple suggestions to re-interpret existence.

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