10 gen 2013

Diario di Felix, a project about life

A year in Felix, a foster house in Rome, southeastern suburbs near Tor Bella Monaca, to tell the stories of Valerio, Ishmael, Joseph, Saleem and the other guests of the community. The photojournalist EmilianoMancuso has lived in Casa Felix with a group of teenage boys and their stories complex and difficult, creating "Il diario diFelix" (The diary of Felix), a multimedia project - consisting of documentary film, a blog and a photography project - in collaboration with Parsec and the association Zona.

With the intimate and spontaneous language of the diary has immortalized the life of eight of these guys, sent here by the Juvenile Court, foreigners arriving in Italy and accompanying unprotected, or Italian separated from their parents, often for violence. Guys who have suffered and who are facing life "almost without skin," Emiliano Mancuso tells us day by day their moments of joy, the most sad and trivial.

He writes in one of the blog post in which he tells his experience, because he realizes that he needs words, because the images are not enough to tell these stories invisible.
"My way to stay in the foster home is to try to resume life in there, they are there for that and that is my interest in their story I relate to everyone, young or operators across the room. I am a witness and my job is to film the scene. But after almost a year my relationship with them, the guys and the operators, has changed. Over time almost every day and staying at Casa Felix the distance of the witness decreases more and more and I am involved in the dynamics of the house. Was not only unavoidable, but necessary. And that's what I want in the end, that prompted me to Felix: stay, return, give presence, so you have to get involved in changing the confidence of all, because I live there and the house too. "

The project is supported by the European Community through the program "Youth in Action". The final version of the documentary is expected in June 2013.
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photo credits: Emiliano Mancuso

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