8 gen 2013

Solar Mamas

Solar Mamas follows the remarkable story of Rafea Anad, a 32 years old with children and a husband who is eager to take a third wife. She is a Bedouin woman living in a Jordan’s poorest desert villages. She has only five years of primary education, and lives in a tent. 
She challenges the status quo by travelling to go to the Barefoot College in India, run by the inimitable Roy Bunker, to train as a solar engineer for six months. Along with 27 other mothers and grandmothers from Kenya, Burkina Faso, Columbia, and Guatemala - many of whom are illiterate - she will learn the skills needed to bring solar power to the desert. Rafea struggles to make a difference in the world.

For Rafea it is a life changing journey, she has had limited opportunities in life. Now she is the first Jordanian woman ever to attend such a program, and she dreams of returning to bring needed income and talents to support her family and the community. Her new knowledge will see her do things she never imagined, but it will also have an unexpected effect on her relationship with her patriarchal husband.

When him tell Rafea to return home or he will divorce her and take the children, we recorgnize from the reaction of the women that process has started for her and she can’t be stopped. That’s pretty amazing. She is fearless and intelligent.
Addressing themes of gender equality, education, development and environmental sustainability the documentary takes look at the ways women around the world are working to pull themselves out of the poverty.

The filmakers are Mona Eldaief and Jahane Noujaim, the documentary is part of "Why Poverty? "(a series of documentaries that tackle the subject of poverty, focusing on issues such as food security, education, climate change and more) and "Women and Girls Lead".

Ps: today Rafea had her fifth daughter. She has continued to work on the solar project in the village in Jordan.

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