6 gen 2013

Quid: recycle, create, support

Quid is a new brand of T-shirt, an innovative project that combines ethical and sustainable social and environmental impact. It is to recover, recycle materials, end of line and creating new models to put on the market through the capable hands of disadvantaged women.
The project involves activities in productive and creative people in need, putting them into the world of work and society. For the moment we are working seven women, set in three cooperatives in the area. A girl invalidates 70%, three girls and three ex-alcoholics girls coming out of prostitution is, they have been involved in various capacities in the project according to their ability.

Customizations and modifications tailored, made to Quid models are handmade, QUID receive weekly materials at the end of series, that are available free of charge from a fashion company Verona, for which it is not possible to know in advance the colors and sizes available. This makes it even more special our project, because each T-shirt is, in fact, a limited edition.

Behind the brand are the skills and determination of five young friends: Anna Tax, Ludovico Mantoan, Lucia Dal Negro, Umberto Brambilla and Elizabeth Stizzoli.
"The name QUID means" something more ", what we believe, the spring that allows us to provide added value to our product. Our aspiration is also confirmed in our logo, the clip, which combines object, as we we want to unite the social / environmental and market."

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photo credits: Quid

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