28 feb 2013

Junk food kill more people than pistols

These are days when you continue to talk in the media of food scandals, horse meat masquerading as beef, donkey's meat in hamburgers, fake biological chicken eggs, etc. .. so when we found ourselves in front of the video Food Fight, by Earth Amplified we launched a large whistle!

The video is a urban gangster movie turned on its head.— instead of street thugs coming in to steal money and groceries, this films shows guys in suits put things on the shelf. It is the story of a young boy who lives in a world where the food at the local corner store is killing his neighborhood, literally. The real damage to the kids and America is from these men at the top; the crimes of Big Ag at a convenience stores is so much worse than what anyone could ever do during a stickup. Obesity and poverty co-existing side-by-side and a food industry that fights hard to keep us in the dark about the correlation between cancer and our diet.
It is a powerful and hard hitting reminder to us all that gun violence is just one symptom of a deeply dysfunctional economic system. And it's an argument that's making its rounds of the internet in a hard-hitting hip hop video that compares the food industry to gangsters and drug dealers.

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Last but not least: support the movement for thriving communities by getting this into schools and donating to SoS Juice. SOS Juice, is a solar-powered for-profit/non-profit hybrid that will sell juice, smoothies, and compost in order to improve health, promote sustainable agriculture, and create green jobs for low-income youth and the formerly incarcerated individuals.

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