31 dic 2012

Krisis: An Archive for disorientation

Archive for disorientation
Krisis Magazine is a project which underlying’s aim is to suggest a reflection about different aspects of the permanent crisis and about the responsabilities which come from operating as designer, that is to say as the ones who shape things, both material and immaterial, within this contemporary scenario. 

The theme of the last issue is Orientation. From time immemorial, mankind has tried to constitute their own orientation within the world in which we dwell by using different tools for discerning information: linear language (in the shape of narrations and myths), by systems of classification (mainly of taxonomical type), by graphic representations (atlases, guides and maps), etc. During the last decades these models entered a crisis. The crisis of orientation was born from the complexity of correlations between numerous different emergencies, which most visible effect is a total tendency to fragmentation, to individualisation, to selection, to separation, to the monetarisation of the social and environmental context. In this scenario it becomes crucial to think over disorientation as an experience that may be a source of renewal for new practices of orientation. 

From this point grow up the new project Archive for disorientation, an online visual archive about disorientational paradigm. 

Krisis is a project by the collective Unità di Crisi, which consists of communication designers, professors and theorists.

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