2 mar 2013

Soccket: the power of play. A magic soccer ball by Uncharted Play

It Is such a clever invention! You can envision a fun, portable source of energy that capitalizes on the popularity of soccer to address the lack of electricity in the developing world. 
The Soccket is a portable energy-harvesting source in the form of a soccer ball that captures the kinetic energy during game play and converts it into electrical energy, to charge lights and small batteries. After playing with the ball, the child can return home and use the ball to connect a LED lamp to read, study, or illuminate the home.
And in the developed world, the Soccket can be a great tool for teaching about clean energy and a better way to charge our gadgets.

The Soccket’s exterior is made of a custom waterproof EVA foam that is extremely durable while remaining soft to the touch and it is weighing only slightly more than a traditional soccer ball. Currently, 30 minutes of play provides 3 hours of LED light.

Prototypes of the ball first appeared in the media in early 2010, the mass-produced version of the ball is the brainchild of UnchartedPlay, a social enterprise.
Uncharted Play just launched the Kickstarter campaign, for implement the production (that now has been limited to a few hundred Soccket balls per week) in order to scale-up and purchase necessary equipment for the manufacturing processes and will be accepting pledges until 28 March.

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