20 gen 2013

With Promised Land fracking arrives in Hollywood

The begining is 2010, when was realized the documentary Gasland. The movie portrayed the devastating effects of a method of drilling into shale gas formations called hydraulic fracturing colloquially known as "fracking", in rural american communities. It garnered mostly positive reviews from film critics and newspapers but also negative responses by fracking lobbyists. They answer with the production of a movie titled TruthLand, by the Independent Petroleum Association of America, concerned with listing false information propagated in Gasland and showing a different view on fracking.

The new film Promised Land reflected a trend about fracking since the release of Gasland, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Promised Land, released in December 2012, directed by Gus van Sant starring Matt Damon, John Krasinski and Frances McDormand. The screenplay was based on a story by Dave Eggers. It is the first Hollywood treatment of fracking, much to the displeasure of the oil and gas industry which have yet again launched an almost targeted campaign to discredit the movie even before its release, they said: "Promised Land will increase unfounded concerns about fracking."

The film is set to have its international premiere at the 63th Berlin International Film Festival in February 2013.

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