15 feb 2013

Support Hariyo Chowk, a urban garden and outdoor community space in Kathmandu

The Sattya Media Arts Collective are creating a collaborative movement to transform the rapidly urbanizing city of Kathmandu, Nepal, with Urban Farming and Environmental Education.
They have set out to transform a vacant site into a modern adaptation of a traditional chowk, or town square. Dubbed Hariyo Chowk which means, "Green Commons" in Nepali, the project has served as a place to learn and share tips for urban greening and ways to create a socially sustainable future for Kathmandu.

Hariyo Chowk has been made possible with a multifaceted team of passionately dedicated people knowledgeable about sustainable architecture, design, organic farming, photography, and media. The 'green square' has come into fruition with help from dozens of volunteers that have supported them since they began in the Spring of 2012.
So many people have helped them bloom to where we are today, however now they need your help with a final round of fundraising for Hariyo Chowk. To support this initiative let's go on Indiegogo web campaign and donate!

Hariyo Chowk has has spent the last 8 months creating them own green space, a hub for the community to learn and practice sustainable gardening and building. They have been working resourcefully with existing contributions and will be celebrating our grand opening in March 2013. 

They are envisioning a new season to begin in April, in which they want to grow in two specific ways:
- First, to become financially self-sustained within Kathmandu. The team plans to make this possible by selling plants and seed at markets, forging relationships with local organizations, and hosting affordable workshops, events, film screenings and even parties.
- Second, the project seeks to make Kathmandu greener through guerrilla gardening, maintaining existing public green spaces, helping people start community gardens, and starting a seed bank and library of native plant knowledge.

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photo credit Sattya Media Arts Collective





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