8 feb 2013

Terra Stools: Adital Ela makes products from compressed earth

AditalEla, Israeli-born eco designer, in her new line "Terra" uses natural materials 100% organic to create pieces of furniture.
The main raw material is pressed earth and natural fibers, hence the name of the project, the first product for her line Terra is "Terra Stools".
They are made using a unique compression process that was developed based on a long term study of materials and of ancient building methods, inspired craftsmanship techniques commonly used in India or the Middle East. On this process she learned from Daphna Yalon, Tal Bashan, Um Ajaj, her Iraqi grandmother (that made her own oven from dirt turned to clay) and many more.
In this project she acts as a “designer-gatherer”, all materials were gathered from construction and agricultural waste, including faeces and dung, and from the natural environment. 

 After having pressed the materials, giving it a form, each object receives a natural finish, is necessary to protect that to polishing, which is carried out by the use of oil of linseed.
Each stool is handmade and is an almost unique piece, is completely natural, eco-friendly and completely free of pollutants. Making a Terra stool creates no pollution. It requires no energy and uses only local and organic materials. If a stool is no longer useful, the owner can simply leave it in the garden and let it deteriorate back into the earth. Or they can add water and mold it into another functional object.
Adital Ela believes that its objects can adapt to any type of furniture that too from outside, where too often makes use of the ubiquitous plastic.

She is also preparing to launch a pilot program in Jerusalem of Terra workshops, which she hopes will spread in a franchise-like manner, Eventually, she wonders: could this be a source of income for income deprived communities?

Adital Ela is the founder and the director of S-Sense Design Studio.
The studio's work is based on three pillars:
Planet - Design of products and services that support sustainability.
People - Design that empowers people and communities.
Value - The promotion of sustainable design thinking action and education.

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