13 feb 2013

Announcing the Economics of Happiness Conference 2013 in Byron Bay, Australia

After the success of the first conference held in March 2012 in Berkeley, California, the not-for-profit organization ISEC - InternationalSociety for Ecology and Culture - is hosting the second international Economics of Happiness Conference in Byron Bay, Australia - March 15-17, 2013. The conference is an annual event of the global grassroots movement whose mission is to promote systemic solutions to today’s environmental, social and economic crises led by ISEC, which has also led to the production of the corresponding documentary in 2011.

"The Economics of Happiness conference will focus on the multiple benefits of localisation, an economic strategy that can take us away from jobless growth towards sustainable livelihoods; from giant, unaccountable corporations towards human-scale business; from self-recrimination towards empowerment; from competition to collaboration; from a globalised system of exploitation and pollution towards an economics of human and ecological well-being, or 'an economics of happiness'".

The interactive program will consist of plenary sessions, workshops, and social and creative time, participants will have a rare opportunity to learn from and share with some of the foremost leaders in the worldwide localization movement. The conference also offers the chance to make new connections, build on current projects and find new inspiration.

This event will bring together a unique international group of speakers, each one acclaimed for their vision, activism, wisdom, and leadership. These include:
Vandana Shiva (India), activist, physicist, feminist and the author of Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability and Peace and Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development.
Bill McKibben (USA), founder of 350.org and author of numerous books, including The End of Nature and Deep Economy.
Donnie Maclurcan (Australia), co-founder of the Post Growth Institute, and author of Nanotechnology and Global Equality.
Michael Shuman (USA), the author of Local Dollars, Local Sense and one of America’s leading localists.
Christian Felber (Austria), author of numerous best-selling books, and a leading theoretician of the Common Welfare Economy.
And more, you can see the program here.

The 2012 conference was a life-changing event for many involved, and the Economics of Happiness Conference 2013 promises to be even better.

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