3 gen 2013

Small Moons, portraits of Louisville's community

SuttonBeresCuller are a trio of artists - John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler - who have worked collaboratively since 2000. They create ways to engage viewers beyond the confines of gallery or museum walls through mobile sculpture, street actions and temporary site-specific installations.

The last art work created by the three artists is the Small Moons installation, at the Land of Tomorrow gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. The project is developed in partnership with artwithoutwalls.

Small Moons” is a site specific art installation incorporating found and reclaimed objects attached to large globe-shaped skeleton frames. The artists have been working in Louisville for a month on the exhibit, they asked local residents to donate their unwanted objects to be part of this large installation.

"We sent out requests for people to bring in their trashed treasures or treasured trash, things they no longer wanted that they might otherwise give away or throw away," says Alice Gray Stites, artwithoutwalls director and 21C chief curator.

Small Moons was on view at the Land of Tomorrow gallery from the end of September through the beginning of November in 2012. When the exhibit ends, individual items were returned to people and the globes were donated to 21C’s collection, where they will help create similar exhibits in other cities.

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photo credits: SuttonBeresCuller

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