5 feb 2013

Sunday Soup, contemporary, tasty and creative idea for fundraising

The initiative was born in the United States as of Sunday Soup and the formula is that a group of people come together to share a meal and that meal is sold for an affordable price, and in the while there is presentation of several projects to start or already started. The result, once covered the costs of spending, will give as a grant to support a creative project, everyone who purchases the meal gets one vote to determine who receives the grant
The Sunday Soup is therefore a basic model for the funding of creative projects of small and medium size through a meal as a group.

The creation of a group that uses the basic model of the Sunday Soup generate independent funding and dialogue on the availability and distribution of resources within the cultural, artistic and social, both at local and national level.
Granting projects affiliated with Sunday Soup in different cities operate based on their own needs and context, you can see online the map of thenetwork. The meals are more or less elaborate in different places and some people have presentations by potential grantees or past grantees as part of the event.

The founders explain the things with these words: "This enables us to stimulate and promote experimental, critical and imaginative practices that may not be eligible for formal funding. The Soup grant, while raising money, also serves as a way to build a network of support and community that reaches beyond purely monetary assistance. We like to think of it as an open platform to discuss ongoing projects with new audiences, meet new collaborators, and share ways of working. "

Sunday Soup is therefore a participatory manner with the times in order to achieve the financing of projects in every field of art through food and sharing a platform, but there are many others, maintained by the users to solve problems that feel important without expect solutions defined and financed from above.

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