28 gen 2013

The Green Bike project, Fuori Salone - Milan Design Week 2013

From the desire to increase the use of bicycle Claudia Zanfi, founder of aMAZElab, a non-profit cultural lab which works for the diffusion and knowledge of contemporary cultures active since 2000, created in collaboration with the Embassy and the Consulate General of theKingdom of the Netherlands in Milan on project THE GREEN BIKE.
The event will be realized in April at the next edition of the Fuori Salone - Milan Design Week 2013.
The project idea - new in its kind - comes by the urgency of extend the city of Milan and practices sustainable lifestyles, the need to take concrete action within the urban reality and offer incentives able to engage the public and targeting it towards virtuous models of urban mobility, following the example of 'best practice' Dutch, together with the diffusion of green areas in the city.

Monday, April 8 opens to the public a week of shows, meetings and conferences in various areas of the city and dedicated to the philosophy of the bicycle. Were selected three Bike Stores marking a sort of "green line" in the three major points of passage of the city: Urban Balance, Island neighborhood, Nord Milano; Rossignoli, Via Garibaldi, Downtown, Elm, Piazza Vetra, South Zone Milan.
In these three areas will be presented works of art and design from the world of cycling, made by famous designers such as: Jan Gunneweg (with its original wooden bicycles), Max Lipsey (with sculptures made from recycled bicycle parts ) and Maarten Kolk (with its lightboxes of images dedicated to trees and soft mobility).

Wide space will be given to young creativity. In fact, all the installations will be created by young designers and landscapers Italians from Milan Polidesign whose task will be to set up "green urban landscapes" in the three exhibition spaces. By partnering with the Flower Council of Holland, the installation will be carried out using special types of vegetable with sound absorbing properties and anti pollutants tested by NASA. The project will offer the public an idea of new green spaces, installations able to combine the design with the beneficial properties of plants. Will be presented systems made with soundproofing products that integrate with moss particular plant species and varieties of plants can purify the air as the Boston fern, the Areca, the Anthurium, the Ivy varied and many others, produced by the Air So Pure.

Within the various conferences will be presented the design of the bike path that will connect the city center with the future area Expo 2015, and the project "Orti Urbani" for the recovery of urban green spaces into disuse. In order to stimulate the public as much as possible every day citizens are being organized Bike Tours, bicycle led by art historians to discover hidden gardens, anecdotes and stories of Milan less well known. The project will focus on the new technologies at the service of cyclists, with a special application for smartphones and tablets designed exclusively for the occasion by the Bikedistrict, winners of the Sustainable Urban Innovation Award, organized by Legambiente, Chamber of Commerce, University Bocconi, government partners of Green Bike.

More info

Wooden Bicycles by Jan Gunneweg

From the series Acciaio 2 by Max Lipsey

Temporary Trees, lightbox, by Maarten Kolk

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