30 gen 2013

Liberos, the community of readers of Sardinia

Liberos is a social network built by some writers, publishers, booksellers, libraries, cultural institutions, festivals and other publishing professionals in Sardinia.

Liberos won yesterday, January 29, the "Prize cheFare" The jury, after studying the proposals of the six finalists, decided to award the victory to the network that enhances the value chain of the book, and the protagonist of cultural projects.
The reasons are:
• recognizes the reading value economic, cultural and social, individual and collective;
• involves an original way all the actors in the chain of the book;
• develop a model capable of balancing instances commercial and cultural;
• Balance physical and virtual network in the process of building community;
• the promoters were able to act in a highly reactive and have used the announcement as an opportunity for learning and focus the project efforts.
The project is now firmly anchored in the reality of Sardinia, but the problem is that addresses national concerns in the first place and the less populated areas of the country and those who do not have a bookshop or a library. The Jury recommends that, during the maturation phase of the project, the winning group to address explicitly the issue of the growth of the idea beyond regional borders.

Liberos born as a working group in July 2012 and was officially presented at the Festival “Isole delle Storie" in Gavoi. The Association is formally established September 18, 2012 by seven founding members who each represent a segment of the chain of the book. The social network has now registered the satisfaction of the readers and operators, who approached with a curious attitude and full of expectations.
Turning point in the conference "Stile Liberos" organized in Fordongianus on 13-14 October, with the participation of publishers and writers of national importance.

Liberos make of the interaction its strong point. Users - in addition to the normal functions of the forum - have the opportunity to sign a card (card VIR - Very Important Reader) and to accumulate points that will enable them to have easier access to presentations, festivals and initiatives related to the book. These points will be accumulated through actions in line with the ethical manifesto of the project, such as the purchase of books in-store associates and constructive participation in the community. Readers will have the opportunity to receive automatic updates regarding publications and initiatives in which they are declared explicitly concerned; publishers and authors to propose thus its novelty, and booksellers to communicate presentation events and new arrivals in the catalog, as well as libraries.
So explain: "The crisis that we were doing to die one by one, has come to show us that we are not exploiting the potential: the common strength of our relationships and expertise."

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