6 mar 2013

Hang Hao tell his stories through daily life found objects

Hong Hao, born in Beijing in 1965, will be showing an eclectic spectrum of works in an upcoming exhibition at the Pace Gallery in Beijing from March 16th through to april 27th, 2013. This is a comprehensively retrospective of the artist's works from various periods of his career, as well as new works.

The exhibition will be show his 2013 series Deja vu, and pieces from one of Hong Hao's best known photographic series, "My Things", started in 2002. The pictures are composed of thousands of scanned images depicting objects from his own life. Hong tells us his life story through daily life found objects, including maps, books, tickets, receipts, banknotes, food, and containers.
These commonplace things are arranged and assembled by Hao using only a computer, and represent over 20 years of accumulation on the part of the artist while others could have just been part of that day's lunch.
These micro universes encompass the various flotsam and jetsam - important or trivial - that fill up a life. Hong Hao’s art is not strictly auto-biographic, is a discovery of contemporary China and a chance to pick out what we would find in our own homes.


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